Aluminium Windows not only give your building an ultra-modern, aesthetically pleasing, high-end look, they are also very functional as they keep you thermally protected and minimize noise.

In addition, they are highly versatile and durable. The aluminium frame secures air tightness, which prevents cracks and air leakage, compared to traditional materials, such as steel or wood, which deteriorate quickly.

Aluminum is also one of the most environmentally friendly solutions for windows and doors, as they help lower the overall carbon footprint of building. They’re high reflexivity helps keep out the heat and save on cooling costs. By reducing the amount of heating and cooling required.

Choose from our large variety in sizes and shaped of sliding, hinged, and turn & tilt window options.

All our products are certified and adhere to the standards and regulations of the UAE.


  • Sliding Windows 120 mm Thermal Break
  • Sliding Windows 105 mm Thermal Break
  • Sliding Windows 120 mm
  • Sliding Windows 105 mm
  • Sliding Windows 100 mm
  • Sliding Windows 95 mm
  • Sliding Windows 92 mm
  • Sliding Windows 80 mm
  • Sliding Windows 55 mm
  • Hinged Windows 60 mm Thermal Break
  • Hinged Windows 55 mm Thermal Break
  • Hinged Windows 50 mm
  • Hinged Windows 45.5 mm
  • Hinged Windows 45 mm
  • Hinged Windows 42 mm


What types of aluminium windows do we offer?

We offer tailored Aluminium Windows solutions to fit every purpose with different sizes, designs functions and finishes. We offer hinged, sliding, and turn & tilt windows.

What is our professional experience?

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Who are we?

Al Salam Aluminium has been a pioneering force in the industry for more than 11 years. It is your one-stop-shop for premium quality aluminium and glass works. Our services cover both large-scale B2B projects as well as smaller scale B2C projects, using the highest quality materials and machinery equipped with the latest technologies.

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