Who We Are

Al Salam Aluminium Company LLC is a premier manufacturer of fully finished premium aluminium and glass products. Our company was founded in 2009 in Al Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah, yet our experience spans over 30 years of working in the manufacturing and trading of aluminium, glass, accessories, and hardware in Egypt and other Arab countries.

Our factory is equipped with the latest machinery and best-class raw materials imported from countries all over the globe including Italy, Germany, Taiwan and China, all to ensure that we adhere to the highest quality standards set by the United Arab of Emirates.

Our UAE certified systems enable us to offer a wide range of world-class aluminium products, such as handrails, windows, kitchens, dressing rooms, bathroom cabins, and more, all made with superior designs and a guaranteed smooth finish.


We aim to maintain our position as an innovative pioneer in the industry of aluminium, and to be recognized as a trusted leader, following the highest standards in quality, safety and sustainability, and using the latest technologies and systems to manufacture the top rate aluminium and glass works.


Our mission is to ensure optimum client satisfaction by providing our clients with customized aluminium and glass solutions that fulfill their needs, and hence maintaining a strong work relationship with them that is built on trust and mutual understanding.

Core Value

Customer Oriented

Our customers are the ones we cater to. This is why we value their vision and work on fulfilling their needs. We are always looking for new, innovative solutions that ensure optimum customer satisfaction.


Our team of dedicated professionals uses their expertise and knowledge to work together on planning, designing and executing projects of all sizes with the highest quality products.


We are proud to work with the industry’s leading suppliers, who provide us with the highest quality materials, equipment and machinery that help us deliver the quality we promise our customers.

Safety For All

The safety of our team, customers as well as our environment is a priority to us. We abide by the United Arab Emirate’s standards to ensure a secure and safe space for our team and that our surroundings are left unharmed.

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