Shower Cabinets

Elevate your experience with sleek, modern built-in Shower Cabins. Our sturdy and stylish cabins are designed to provide you with complete safety, convenience and privacy without compromising on proper ventilation.

We create innovative concepts and designs that balance between aesthetics and top-quality performance.

We merge contemporary designs with practicality. Our shower enclosures are versatile, offering solutions from niche to circular to corner to quadrant showrs. We also design stylish freestanding shower cabins as well as tailored constructions that fit your room’s unique shape and multiple corners.

Our luxurious shower cabins come with sliding, pivot or swing doors depending on your bathroom’s space.

All our products are certified and adhere to the standards and regulations of the UAE.


  • Clear Glass Shower Cabin.
  • Sandblasting Shower Cabin.


What do we offer?

We offer tailored Shower Cabins to fit every purpose with different sizes, designs, and finishes.

We offer different solutions including: frameless, freestanding, in-frame constructions, niche, corner-entry, and walk-ins, as well as other tailored solutions.

What is our professional experience?

Want to see previous Shower Cabins projects we worked on? Explore Our Projects page or download our Company Profile to find out more about our portfolio.

Who are we?

Al Salam Aluminium has been a pioneering force in the industry for more than 11 years. It is your one-stop-shop for premium quality aluminium and glass works. Our services cover both large-scale B2B projects as well as smaller scale B2C projects, using the highest quality materials and machinery equipped with the latest technologies.

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