Curtain Wall Façades

Our Curtain Wall Façades are a modern non-structural outer covering solution for both residential and commercial building. It is attached to the building structure and used to keep out the weather and noise. The aluminum-framed walls containing in-fills of glass, allow natural light to penetrate the building, hence making it a cost efficient solution as it cuts down on electricity bills.

Moreover, our glass’ low-emissivity combined with aluminium’s high reflectivity reduce the buildings overall carbon footprint as it reduces the need for central cooling and heating, hence creating a safe and comfortable environment within your building.

We provide Curtain Wall design, fabrication and installation services. Our designs can range from industrial to minimalistic, and everything in between.

All our products are certified and adhere to the standards and regulations of the UAE.


  • Structural Spider System
  • Spider Curtain Wall with Tension Cable System
  • Stick Curtain Wall – 4-way capped
  • Stick Curtain Wall – 2-way structural glazing
  • Stick Curtain Wall – 4-way structurally glazed.


What do we offer?

We offer tailored Curtain Wall Façade solutions to fit every purpose with different colors and finishes.

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Who are we?

Al Salam Aluminium has been a pioneering force in the industry for more than 11 years. It is your one-stop-shop for premium quality aluminium and glass works. Our services cover both large-scale B2B projects as well as smaller scale B2C projects, using the highest quality materials and machinery equipped with the latest technologies.

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