Arjan Engineering Consultant

“From sound glass partitions to sturdy handrails, AlSalam provided us with the highest quality and the smoothest finish, with attention to every little detail.”

Rotana Building Contractor
Contracting Company

“We were looking for innovative Curtain Wall solutions, that will give a our building’s exterior a unique, stylish look without compromising on safety. Al Salam delivered just that.”

Al Rahmah Charity

“We weren’t only looking for a modern, sleek look for our building’s façade, but also something that will stand the test of time. Al Salam offered us the top quality, innovative curtail wall solutions we were looking for.”

Classic Building Contractor
Contracting Company

“We follow certain standards in terms of quality in our projects. This is why we are very picky about who we work with. Al Salam never fails to meet these standards.”

Gamal AlSaadi
Villa Owner

“My wife really wanted a large walk-in closet. We looked at the designs and ended up going for a customized dressing room to complement our bedroom. Thank you, Al Salam.”

Mohammed AlShehi
Villa Owner

“We wanted a luxurious, spacious kitchen. As for the bathroom, we were looking for a unique design for our shower cabin to make the best use of our space. All of this was perfectly delivered at by Al Salam.”

Emirates Modern Bakery
Bakery shop

“Food looks best in natural light, which is why we wanted as much sunlight as possible to penetrate our store. Al Salam Aluminium installed us beautiful, extra-large windows and doors that did exactly that.”

Amr Ibrahim
Consultant Engineer

“My job is to guide my clients to the best suppliers and manufacturer in the country. Al Salam Aluminium is definitely on my top list for aluminium and glass works.”

Mohammed Abdullah Alhajrai
Villa owner

“We had very specific designs in mind when it came to the exteriors of our home. The engineers of Al Salam brought all our ideas to life, and even exceeded our expectations.”

Mohamed Abdallah

“It isn’t easy to find a manufacturer who will understand your designs and recreate them with utmost detail. Al Salam Aluminium were able to manufacture and install my work just as I planned it on paper.”

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